What to bring to Abadiana

What to bring to Abadiania / Brazil ?

The guide recommend that you bring with you the following things:

Light clothing and comfortable white for the sessions of the Casa, light clothes for other days or mid-season.
Clothing (sweater) for the evening (nights are cool in May-June) it is winter at this moment, but a tropical winter, and a pajama!
Swimwear! (For the Waterfall)
A solid cup to drink the holy water (we never drink straight from the bottle)
An alarm clock handheld battery
No jewelry, if possible
Money (Cash) to exchange in Abadiania
Credit card (Visa, Master, Maestro) In case of necessity
A hat or an Umbrella to protect you from the sun(if you had operation’s)
Plastic containers (3) with their lids are necessary to bring meals in the rooms  ( you can buy them over there) when there are spiritual operations.

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