Role of the Guide

The entry gate of the Casa of Dom Inacio

The entry gate of the Casa of Dom Inacio

The guide is contacted by those who want to make this pilgrimage, and then he informs them of the prize and the conditions of the stay.

He explains to the persons who come from another country than him (Before the taking of the plane ticket)) about the date of arrival, and about the date of the departure. To understand correctly, you should not arrive in the days of sessions of the Casa which is On Wednesday Thursday Friday, the arrival would be better on a Sunday or Monday, the Tuesday would be a rest day, same for the return, it is necessary to plan a rest day after the last session day which is Friday, Saturday would be this rest day, a departure on Sunday or Monday would be just great.

When the plane ticket is taken, he asks that they send him a copy of the ticket by e-mail. Then he reserves the taxi and the hotel.

On arrival in Brazil, the money is given to the guide who takes care of paying the taxi, and the hotel, and then he explains a little how it takes place in the hotel, the hours of the breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals.

He plans a visit to the Casa of Dom Inacio, which is very close of the hotel, approximately two hundred meters walking, to explain the rules, the key spots and important places in this holy place.

He takes care of the tickets, for the various lines, he accompanies the persons of his group to the translator, and on all the lines with the exception of the line of operations, all the way in front of the entity incorporated into Joao de Deus body.

He plans authorizations for the waterfall for the entire group.
He follows every person individually in the process of cure that offers this blessed place of the Casa of Dom Inacio.