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Information about the Casa
“Casa de Dom Inácio”

The entry gate of the Casa of Dom Inacio

The entry gate of the Casa of Dom Inacio

Allan Kardec

Allan Kardec

The Center of John of God is modeled on Allan Kardec Spiritism

The Casa de Dom Inácio is the Spiritualist Center of the surgeon psychic healer John of God (Joao de Deus) in Abadiânia, Brazil.

The Center John of God or the Casa de Dom Inácio is located about 130 km south of Brasilia on the central plateau of Brazil. John of God “is the name that thousands of Brazilians gave João Texier de Faria.
La Casa is a spiritual healing center, where John of God has done this work for over 25 years, and is located in a small community of about 12,000 inhabitants, far from the highway between Brasilia and Anápolis.
christauxThere is a bookshop where blessed water, crystals, books, rosaries, jewelry made from crystals, stones native to Brazil, triangles of prayer, healing by crystals baths and sale of t shirts. The videos can be purchased or ordered.

There is a small bar where there are fruit drinks, coffee, juice, cane sugar, water coconut, fresh, and homemade pastries.

There is a dining room next to the garden to the rear of the toilet, where the holy soup is served to those attending morning meetings every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The soup is blessed by the Entities, and all are encouraged to take part in its healing qualities.

The crystals baths are in the rooms of a separate building in the garden (highly recommended for healing).

A exterior spot for meditation

A exterior spot for meditation

The Office de la Casa (Secretariat) is the long building in the adjacent dining room. This is where all the administrative issues are handled. In one of the windows, outside of the office, there is a basket where they file written applications and photos of those who need care and assistance of all kinds. These pictures and these requests are collected twice daily and are passed by the entities. They are kept for a year while they receive the prayers and healing energy.

After surgery, each person is required to file a paper in the basket with his full name, date of birth, age, date of surgery and the name of Pousada (if they remain until the review), or address where they will be in seven days that follow this procedure (if traveling before the revision, which is the eighth day).

All messages and photos must include the name of the person, address, date of birth, age, date of surgery (if any), the pousada where the person stays Abadiânia.

The area of the main room (Listed taxi) is the recording studio where CDs and DVDs are recorded and copied.

pharmacieThe pharmacy

Where medicinal herbs are prescribed and purchased is located behind the library.

The herbs and holy water are essential elements of the treatment in the healing process.

The Main Assembly Hall

The Main Assembly Hall

The Main Assembly Hall

This is where visitors go each day at 8 am and 2 hours in the afternoon. Sometimes people reflect on their cures. It is from this main room that people who need surgery are queuing up to go to the entity.
There are two doors on each side of the main hall. The left is used by staff to leave the meditation hall. The other (right) is used to enter the halls of meditation that lead to the entity.

When you enter the door on the right one will find the first room.

The Hall of mediums

The festival of St. Ignatius. First room

The festival of St. Ignatius. First room

Here the energy “heavy” patients are “burned” and harmonized by the light energy produced by all of those who meditate before seeing the entities (by John of God). The Casa is open to all. “Doing meditation in this room is an act of courage and incredible dedication. Attention to cleansing and harmonization is imperative. However, the benefits are enormous as it is by this meditation that the mediums are trained and are opened by the spiritual guides and the Entities of the Casa.
Those who arrive early for sessions, and who wish to bring their energy to the task of cleaning and harmonization are welcome. However, the door is closed earlier and earlier since there is limited capacity.

The second classroom is a continuation of the first and is the chamber of the entity.

The festival of St. Ignatius in 2008 - Chair of the Entity

The festival of St. Ignatius in 2008 – Chair of the Entity

This is where John of God incorporated by the entity receiving assistance and those who came to see entities. The media and others who meditate, or are there to produce energy to help entities for healing, or they are there to be healed themselves in silence among others.

Often, the entity invites people to sit in his room when they passed him in the course of their treatment; they are both “sanitized” and receive their benefits. Many people have said they had been made whole while they were sitting in this room. For each entity that works through the body of John of God, there are hundreds of others in the rooms (and throughout the complex of Casa, for that matter) who work and help.
John of God is embodied by the Entity before the sessions begin. He then takes a seat in the second stream, or on the main stage in the Assembly Hall. After talking for a moment he thanks those who came that day.

The operation room

The operation room

In the second room of the currents, one enters the operating room or the “third chamber”.

People who have surgery, which are invisible, are in this room. Some are still there recovering slowly. Any person who passes the entity must sit in this room and receive a prayer, meaning, spiritual cleansing and energizing. Then everyone must wait for the blessed soup, before leaving the scene the morning.
There is room on the right of the first room (media room)which is the hospital room. First aid and rest is given to people who need to recover from major surgery, or if they feel weak or suffer obvious health problems in the common rooms or in the line.

The Tickets

You will need a ticket to pass the entity. There are three types of tickets:

New Visitors: (1 vez)
Second visit: (2 ° vez)
Revision surgery for: (Revisão)
you may purchase them at the bookstore.
If you do not understand Portuguese, you’ll need to talk to an official translator of the House by a window adjacent to the main hall of the Assembly before the session begins. There’s usually a line to talk to them so you should arrive early. Give them your questions in writing (maximum three) and explain what you want to know in your own words.
Translators will help you when you are in front of John of God incorporated entity to immediately translate what he said and what you have to do. Try to separate yourself from those who do not speak Portuguese, so the translators will not be pressed and will be able to tell you before you have to help someone else.

About the Lines

les-lignesAfter John of God is seen, people he has directed for the surgery are asked to align to the line of ‘surgery’. All others must sit in silence. First visit: (1 vez) Second visit (2 ° vez) and revision (Revisão). People will be called to the lines separately, and the order of the lines can vary.

If you miss your call, it is not a problem. You can ask to come back next session due to a missed call, you surrender to your God, breathe deeply, let your disappointment, and fears to flow through you and become one, knowing that everything will happen at the right time. This is the lesson No. 1 from the cure. If you cannot get it, then the entities will work on you until you go over them again.
If your photo has been submitted to the entity by a friend or a guide before you decide to travel, then you bring in line the second time (2o vez).
Sometimes the entity will ask you to return to another line for another session, and then no ticket is necessary. In the morning, the line is called line of eight a clock and the afternoon is called two o clock line. You will be shown where you must align.

Sitting in current

King Solomon room. First room

King Solomon room. First room

Sitting in the current (Meditation) is both an act of giving spiritual energy and to receive. The term “current” refers to the spiritual energy generated by people who meditate in the room and is used by entities to the healing process.

To sit in the first room of the currents, you must be there early, take a seat, close your eyes and keep arms, legs uncrossed. If you have trouble emptying your mind, visualize yourself in a state quite healthy and let the pain, suffering and thoughts of the disease is slowly melting. Lead your conscience continually to love, light, gratitude, freedom of release, the Spirit, in harmony … The combination of these concepts into your consciousness will stimulate higher frequencies that contribute to more powerful energy.
The word “current” means at Casa “chain”, there is a connotation to reach and connect together to create something solid. This is why it is so important to go with the flow of high ideals and a loving heart.
You must have permission from the entity to sit in the second room.

The festival of St. Ignatius in 2008.Second room

The festival of St. Ignatius in 2008.Second room

If you are told to sit in its current again (two sessions) that means you have permission for the day. When the interpreter tells you can sit in the second current, it is because the entity has requested that. Entities sometimes require people to move into different rooms to balance the energy.

You can leave the current to go to the bathroom (just raise the hand for this). You are obliged to return without stopping to eat or talk because:
1) you are open, and you are easily influenced by energy from outside.
2) There is a significant time of cleaning, which takes place at the end of each session, and blessed water, provided to enhance the cleaning. It is very important to receive this cleansing and to drink this water before going outdoors.
If you experience pain or feel sick during the meeting, it is because the entities are working on you. You should raise your hand if you are feeling too badly, and talk to the person who deals with the harmony of the current. It is infinitely better to go to the hospital to finish the session rather than insisting on a departure. It is infinitely better for you and for everyone.
Sit in the current as much as possible!

The current schools are mediumisticband Spiritual.

Entities room

Entities room

When you’re sitting in the current, learning is going on and the work is subtle. The Mediums are trained in these rooms. How? An example: You are in the common room, first, pondered yourself, and then help others around you to see the light.

Express love, healing and protection for yourself and others. You must Harmonized, increasing light, sound, healing and love.

All disease has roots in the mind and makes its way outwards in physical symptoms, manifesting in diseases such as cancer. Without changing the cause in the mind, healing is temporary. A Casa healing starts with the mind and often takes time to manifest physically to the body. We must therefore make efforts to change inside.

Vai Trabalhar! At work!

Vai trabalhar! To work!

Vai trabalhar! To work!

When people from other countries come for the first time in Brazil to see “Joao de Deus”, they often assume that he can perform miracles and heal once and for all on the spot. Their requirements and expectations are roughly as follows:
He is the healer, miracle man, and all I have to do is to show up in front of him. If this is necessary to make a little tale, do not worry, it’s worth it because he is going to immediately reprogram disease to health.

“It is not me who heals, but God.”

In other words, João does not heal by himself but he makes possible for a higher power to intervene in the material world through his body. Thus João serves as an intermediary between the material and spiritual world.
“There is no magic in it. Healing takes time.”
In other words: If we ask for help, the benevolent spirits will help us, but it is our job to do what is in our power, to be healed.

This explains why the medium João says quite often emphatically:
“Vai trabalhar! To work!

Simultaneously, he indicates the direction with the index: “Sit down in the meditation hall”.

What does this mean? We, who come here to be cured, must contribute our share too. We must be willing to be introspective, be ready to go into the discovery of ourselves, to listen (and support!) silence, to understand the language of our body and the reasons for our symptoms and our disease.
We must agree to forgive ourselves for the wounds we have inflicted on others and to forgive them which we have harmed. We are all called to give up fixating on ourselves and to see how others suffer, too, then we can focus our energy very actively to help them.

The Brazilian Spiritualists believe that human beings can experience spontaneous healing if their karmic debts are settled. Every cause has an effect. Whenever you injure someone, you cause a negative effect. This negative impact will come back on you like a boomerang. This means that you are also living an injury or a difficult situation. Currently, your energy field – your aura – reflects negativity as dark or dark spots.
If you pray for others and if you focus your energy on the fact to support João in his work, you contribute to a positive effect. In such a way you add something to your karmic account and you pay a karmic debt. It radiates energy in your body – your aura – and increases your well-being.

Meditating in the classroom can have energy highs and lows.
It is the most beautiful moments of an extraordinary spiritual experience when you really feel the light and in accord with everything and God, but they are also the long hours, and give the impression of being subjected to a test of endurance.
One thing is certain: As long as you really commit yourself to work in the meditation halls, where you dive deeply into this work, you will feel more relief from your own suffering and pain and you find your illness increasingly insignificant compared to the opportunity to be transformed into a brighter and more loving being.

If you want to continue this process, entities – so helpful these spiritual beings – appear ever greater and more obvious: the darkness begins to dissolve. Your light gets brighter, your capacity to love grows and you move more and more to your soul, while feeling a deep peace.

This is the sign of spiritual healing – the miracles…!
And – of course – John of God truly helps us to discover them.

The process of surgery

Sometimes the entity will refer you to surgery, or ask you to return at the next meeting. During this session, you must wait in the main room (outside). The People for the surgery will be called in first and headed to the operating room. Most people are invited to sit on benches, eyes closed, legs, arms and fingers uncrossed. When you want a specific place to undergo surgery, place your right hand on this area. If you have multiple problems, place your right hand on your heart. Visualize yourself completely healed with closed eyes and legs uncrossed.

Visible opération

Visible opération

It is normal to have physical sensations during surgery. Entities use a kind of anesthesia during surgery, but spiritual, because when it wears off, you feel discomfort or pain, as in normal surgery. Entities may make up to nine surgeries on a single person.
The entity that incorporated John of God body is working, with the other entities. When everything is finished he will announce that operations have been completed.
Leaving the operating room, you must write your name, address, name of the pousada where you are (if you stay a week), your date of birth and date of your operation on a piece of paper, and place in basket. If for any reason you are unable to do these things right now, make sure to do before the end of your stay.

If you leave, put your home address on this document.

Postoperative procedures

First day: stay in bed! No Travel. Start taking the capsules prescribed by the entity for the surgery. The healing process takes time.
We must stay in bed for the first twenty-four hours after surgery. It is forbidden to go to the Casa until twenty-four hours passes. Ask someone to bring you soup, but stay away from the Casa. Avoid contact with others and idle conversation. Do not read. Treat yourself as if you just had surgery in a medical hospital. Do not lift heavy objects. Try to get as much sleep as possible and stay in your room and try to meditate.

During 40 days: No sex, no sexual stimulation whatsoever. Add the 8 days for each additional transaction.

For eight days the sacred waterfall is not allowed after surgery. It is always good to ask permission to go to the sacred waterfall as you pass by the entity. Remember, surgery, herbs, and the work of holy water will improve your recovery.
Ask the entity before you get home how long your recovery will take, and if you need to come again.

The night of the seventh day after surgery

We must prepare for the arrival of the entity of light. Dress in white put a glass of water beside the bed before going to sleep, and with a grateful heart, pray for entities and ask them to come remove the stitches from the surgery.
This night is revealing the existence of life after death!
The entity may knock on the door like a normal person (Many people have went open, and didn’t find anyone), a prayer of thanks for coming and make them welcomed!
The presence in the room is powerful, do not open your eyes (eyes consume energy, and weakened the entity), let her be, enjoy the work of God, find confidence in life, and our mission down here!
In the morning, drink the water and thank the entities again. After breakfast in the morning, take a place on the revision line.

The absorption of “herbs” prescribed by the entities of the Casa de Dom Inacio

Entities incorporated in the medium-Brazilian healer Joao de Deus often issue orders to patients, prescribing herbs.
In fact, for decades these plants were administered to visitors as an important remedy, and can trigger and perfectly accompany the healing process. They have a long tradition, the herbs …

The passion flower

The passion flower

When João lived and worked in a small farm in a very remote corner of Brazil, he took care of the Indian population. Being extremely poor, this population could not afford medicines. João then asked the advice of its entities. They gave him instructions and guidelines for collecting and preparing the curative plants growing in the vicinity of the farm. Much later, after opening his own spiritual center in Abadiânia, he transmitted this information to volunteers working in the pharmacy of the Casa. That is why we always talk about herbs and medicinal plants.
However, they were replaced for reasons of years ago by capsules of the Passion fruit tree (leaves and flowers): The administration of plants continually led persecution and accusations from doctors, pharmacists and pharmaceutical industry.

The maracuja capsules

The maracuja capsules

The excuse to discredit the medium healer and his assistants at the Casa were always the same: unauthorized administration of pharmaceuticals, non-compliance with the guidelines of the pharmaceutical industry and the inability to observe some standards of specific hygiene.
In addition, it proved increasingly difficult to guarantee the harvest and preparation of this excellent remedy as the patient population grew.
The transport was also a problem: Since there was a huge inflation in Brazil
– In the early months of 2000, the Brazilian government devalued the currency by about 60% and simultaneously increased the price of oil by almost 100% –
It became increasingly impossible for the poor to move a great distance. Since then, João moved regularly to treat people in major cities across the country. It was a difficult task to bring a lot of these plants for final preparation on site.
From these facts, entities decided to deliver the medicine in capsules. The passion flower, which’s the fruit, is also known by his name “maracuja”, has been chosen as the basic substance, similar to alcohol in the therapy of Bach flowers and sugar in homeopathy. The capsules are much easier to dose, to absorb and transport. Because they are more consistent with industry standards,
many charges are avoided in advance.
There is little time; Casa acquired even a device to make the capsules, so that production can no longer take place at Annapolis.
All these capsules resemble passionflower as homogeneous in their packaging that it is hard to imagine that they are not all alike. But in fact it is so: They were energized by the entities individually for each person, that is to say they are perfectly adapted to the needs and health status of each.
For this, the passion flower capsules prescribed at Casa are in no way transferable to someone else!

An order usually contains five boxes of 35 capsules each. You take one in the morning, noon and evening, before, during or after meals, as you wish. The absorption spreads out over almost two months.
By cons, continue taking your other medications – prescribed by your doctor – if you take regularly, do not stop especially!
The absorption of the Passion is related to some rules. During this period, you will not consume alcohol and you do not eat pepper or hot pepper or chili.
You do not eat pork. Be alert to the fast food and food from industrial manufacturing. Take into consideration that the sausage is made from pork or pork byproducts.
Of course, you should try to eat as healthily as possible – at least while taking this medicine … – removing everything that affects your health and polluting your body.
Why these rules? We will often ask?
Because it’s like that, just simply like that!
Because entities deem necessary, and because they want you to do so.
In any case, a discussion on this subject is superfluous. This question arises from the desire of the ego to control and analyze everything. Be sure that your body and heart will accept with great pleasure and relief that first step toward healing …

While observing these few rules you consider too difficult, too complicated or is it too much to ask, you should think about what you are really willing to do to help improve your health.
If you want to discuss these rules by looking for excuses why you are unable to apply them, consider if you really want to begin your process of healing yourself, or if you want rather let others do for you, while keeping your bad habits. You know most people who – despite their eternal complaints and claims – do not want to get rid of their diseases. Instead, they identify with them, they do not want to let go. Despite apparently suffering on the surface
they have settled comfortably into poverty. In truth, they do not want to cure their symptoms, because by suffering, they can bully and manipulate those around them, consciously or unconsciously.
This is not necessarily bad, it’s a human weakness, indicating clearly, there is no question of cure but there are still things to learn before being ready for the next step …
Otherwise, there are men who simply don’t want to continue any more on their way with the body, but want to move on to another incarnation. This decision can be very painful for their loved ones. We must accept it; this is the free will of each of us. We have no right to withhold someone from selfishness who wants to return to the light at his home.

The remedy made from the tree of passionflower acts on different levels and in so diverse ways that we cannot understand completely. Fortunately, this is not necessary.

If this makes you uneasy, remember that no doctor in the world knows the real reactions and correlations of all the different drugs that you swallow. He has confidence in the pharmaceutical industry …
At least you can be sure that spirits so high as those acting at the Casa de Dom Inacio never commit medical malpractice!
Regarding The remedy, just know that from the moment you start taking them you are connected to the spirits of the Casa. Now, they can work on you, even remotely. This work will not necessarily be done at the speed or in the order you want, but a top prospect and a perfect way, very appropriate regarding the elevation of the soul.
Know that by violate the rules, you may interrupt the healing process or, worse yet, the absorption may prove counterproductive. Better to consider before taking this remedy highly effective that you’re willing to follow these few observations.
The absorption of passiflora tablets is an immense importance for the balancing pole “bear responsibility for his health” and “trusting in a higher power.” It is a good exercise to check where you stand.
Also, do not worry if you have any unusual feelings or if you make extraordinary dreams – sometimes even visions – during that time. This means that the spirits work an intense way. It is also possible that you will receive “visits” of helping spirits, especially at night, because during the night is another energy predominates.
Eventually you will have pulse of your guardian angels, your spirit guides; you’ll probably more in touch with your inside voice.
The inside voice comes from the heart, which may connect you to your Creator and your soul. It has nothing to do with the one that hold forth throughout the day in the head, except for rare moments when we get it to silence. As you learn to distinguish …
Stay calm, pray and trust.

Holy water (Energize)

The holy water has been energized by the entities and has therapeutic qualities. The blessed water contributes to your personal healing process and helps you avoid dehydration in this very arid region. It is available at the bookstore and can be diluted in ordinary water to extend it if you take a few bottles when you leave the House to go home.

Blessed Soup

Volunteers cutting vegetables for the soup

Volunteers cutting vegetables for the soup

served free to all

served free to all

The soup is blessed by all the entities following morning meetings; it is served free to all, without exception, and is recommended as it contributes significantly to the healing process on all levels.
On Tuesday morning at 7:00 am local time, you can join the pleasure of helping, and cutting vegetables for the soup.

This is a perfect time to meet and valuable interaction time with staff people from Casa and other groups who are traveling alone. This is an opportunity to participate closely in the activities of Casa, and help restore some of what you received, to better know your brothers and sisters in this spiritual journey.

Crystals Baths

Crystal bath

Crystal bath

Treatments are color therapy focused and optimized because each of the seven lights of different colors through the purest white quartz crystals before hitting your body. Each color corresponds to one of the seven chakras (energy centers) of the human body. The color of light, are strengthen and line up your energy fields and helps the calm of deep healing so that the relaxation takes over. Each session is approximately 20 minutes. Register at least two sessions at once if you have difficulty relaxing.
These baths can be prescribed by the entity in preparation for surgery, or as part of therapy. But, you can take the amount of bathes as you wish, they are highly recommended. Crystals Baths are 20 Real per session, and are managed by the Library.

The “Cachoeira” The miraculous waterfall

The "Cachoeira"

The “Cachoeira”

It is vital to be aware that the waterfall (Cachoeira, in Portuguese) is a sacred place and healthy, it is an important place of the Casa de Dom Inacio.
To go to the waterfall, permission from the entity is essential. You can also get there with someone who has such permission, valid for multiple visits.
However, it is an obligation to pass João de Deus incorporated at least once before visiting this place.
The entity will notify you if there is a reason why you are not advised to visit the waterfall. There are several possible reasons, among others, the energy of this place can be too high, or the work done by the Entity on you does not require the energy of waterfall, and other healing methods are more appropriate for you.
If you receive permission, it will be presented on a piece of paper containing the numbers 5, 10, 20 … Or even more. This means that your authorization is valid for multiple visits – as many noted – and you have the right to take others people to reach the number indicated.
If is noted a high number on your paper, it is recommended to visit the waterfall every time with as many people as possible.
But, you are not obliged to use all your authorizations, this is just a possibility. You will perhaps not have the time to go regularly to the waterfall during your stay.
Concerning your permission, you cannot pass it to someone else. Similarly, you cannot use it during an upcoming trip to Abadiânia, in that case you should consult the entity again to obtain a new permission.

It is forbidden to go alone to the waterfall, unless you have special permission for that.
Sometimes the Entity directs a person to go immediately to Cachoeira. In these circumstances, you should take a taxi to get there as quickly as possible and you tell the driver to wait. Then you return to your Poussada to relax because often invisible operations happen at the waterfall. Where appropriate, in that case, to take a taxi to get back home, especially if you’re not healthy or if you have a rather weak condition.
At the location, be careful. The wet rocks are slippery. Help one another and act very considerate towards other visitors and their emotions.
The energy of the cleansing water can be so strong that many visitors feel guided by a light coming out of the water and when they leave the spot.
If this is your first visit to the waterfall, confide in someone who already knows the location the rules and who can support you and guide you.

If you’re part of the group of Jean-Louis Michel, you will always be together through a visit. As an official guide of the Casa, Jean-Michel has group permission for the entire group and you do not need to consult João before the first visit to obtain a permit.
Women and men go separately to the Cachoeira. Sometimes, the entity gives permission for couples to go together, but this is an exception.
At the site entrance is a wooden gate. This is the separation of masculine and feminine energy, not the wooden bench that is lower, a little further down the road. Kindly close the wooden gate to indicate that the place is busy and, more importantly, to seal the cascade energy. Avoid especially being beyond this portal if closed. One should not enter the energy fields that are not yours, you may disrupt the work being done on the other side. Be patient and meditate in silence.
When you leave the site, if you are by yourself, at the gate, leave it open. In this way it will be obvious to those who arrive that there is no one inside and they can continue on their way.
Remember that you are in a sacred place, which we can we integrate; we (re-) unite – more easily elsewhere – with God, with nature and the Entities. Observe as much as possible a contemplative silence. Consider that this is not an amusement park and deserves the highest respect.
Upon your arrival, if you see there are many people waiting, know a little further after the car park is a shady shelter and comfortable place to spend time waiting for you to focus on why you are here, and what you hope to receive here.
Try to be in peace and harmony and to make contact with this wonderful energy, so purifying and healing. You’re in a place of great beauty, a beauty that is expressed physically and spiritually. The invisible is at least as important as what you see with your eyes outside. You are among a host of entities, working around you. These beings are belonging to the spiritual world, acting outside of time and space. They perform their work quickly, so do not delay, this is unnecessary. You cannot force things …
Think of those waiting their turn. Make an invocation prayer enterring and a prayer of thanks as you leave the spot.
Being with a group, praying together is a moving experience that increases energy and positively strengthens the dynamic of the group.
At the waterfall, jump quite quickly in the clear water, without delay and without making noise.
But do not stay below the waterfall while someone else is in it, so one does not receive the energy which that person has released. Let the water that rinsed the person go and allow the water to take that energy with it.
Know that no nudity is accepted. So put on a swimsuit or – if you forget it – keep your underwear on. These clothes should not necessarily be white.
Do not bring candles, incense, soap, perfume or shampoo to the waterfall! Cameras and video cameras are strictly prohibited, and phones.
Do not take any visible memories of the place nor the flowers or stones or crystals and leave nothing material behind you.
In addition, you are requested not to perform rites or ceremonies of any kind in this particular location. Just pray. Respect others and their feelings.
Be brief in this place of prayer and inspiration. Entities do not need long explanations from you …
colombeTo take full advantage of the blessed water and to allow this water to seep into your skin, it is recommended that you do not wipe with a towel, but to let it dry with the wind and sun. For the same reason, do not shower for 24 hours after your dip so that the healing waters can act more deeply on your body and your mind.
It is not advisable to drink water from the Cachoeira because it traverses during its course through pastures. However, there is no reason to worry if we drank: no illness has ever declared after such consumption.
It is permitted to go to the sacred waterfall when the gates of the Casa open early in the morning until 5.00 at night. Do not go after dark and avoid going there after an operation: after an invisible operation you must wait at least 48 hours; after a visible operation, do a visit to the waterfall with revision. Recovery time may vary depending on the health of the person and concerned the work done by the Entities. If in doubt, ask at the Casa and always follow the instructions.
It is evident that the waterfall and areas around the site frequently are visited, the place becomes very lively. Be aware that this place is a pilgrimage: Do not say rude words and avoid every expression of aggression. Go ahead with an open heart full of love for others, as you realized that your sisters and brothers came here to heal, like yourself.
You have an excellent opportunity to learn (or relearn …) the precious virtues such as patience, tolerance, silence, and feel gratitude for this magnificent gift of healing work done here, as well as the benefits you receive from this wonderful waterfall, belonging to the Casa de Dom Inacio.

Sons and Daughters of the Casa

The organizational aspects of operation of the Casa are very heavy and require the assistance of many dedicated people, some live in Abadiânia and work there every day, and others come from regions of Brazil and the world. Many of these people came to the Casa de Dom Inácio to see John of God because of their health problems.

The son and daughters of the Casa performs many tasks. There are mediums, administrators, staff from the pharmacy, gardeners, library staff, the snack bar cooks, waiters, guides, translators, assistants for crystals baths, cooks and waitresses of blessed soup, taxi drivers, security guards, etc. The son and daughters at Casa are here to help, during and after each meeting around the main area Assembly Hall. All guides are son and daughters of the House and are ready to help you even if you’re not in their groups.
La Casa is a community of very dedicated volunteers. They are all dedicated to the support of John of God as man and as a medium. The motivation for their presence every day at home is love.

La Casa is filled with incredible people who have devoted their desires for the work of love. It is a sacred place, not because this vortex of energy across the surface of the earth, neither the religious proclamation, but because for whatever reason, it is a community of love, which evolved around the work of John of God that stimulates, accumulates and preserves the spiritual energy for the good of all.
And yes, you also get feedback.


Silence is a keyword in the Casa. It is printed on all the walls to remind people that we must honor and respect the presence of the entities, and strengthening the powerful energy they bring to this sacred place of healing. Talking, scatters energy, prevents the peace of mind, and distracts from the inside that which we need.