Photos and Passiflora

The Entities: (photos of you, family members or friends)
are able to help people at a distance when they cannot come in person.

passifloreYou can send your photo or pictures of members of your family or loved ones, with their permission to bless or heal to the Entity! Mark at the back of each photo the name, date of birth, address and why you or this person asks for help. The Entity probably will prescribe medicinal plants.
If you have multiple people in the photo and only One person wants to send a request to Entities, circle the head of the person concerned with a pen. If you take pictures of you, your friends or your family, ask if they want any capsule of passion flower (Contact the guide to know about the prices and conditions), and if are willing to follow the indications cited below. You can also show the photos to the Entity for a long distance treatment or for just to bless them without taking any Passiflora, or place the Photos in the triangle in the main assembly hall at the Casa so the Entities can examine them.  (Payment could be by postal, cash, or by check). The guide would be happy to submit photos, when all conditions are met.

Recommendations :

Generally taking one capsule 3 times daily (Morning, noon and night) you will end your packaging before opening the next and continue until the last capsule (one bag of 5 to 6 boxes for almost two months treatment). During the time you take these medicinal plants, follow the instructions Dietary recommendations:
Throughout the duration of the taking of passion,
1 – completely avoid eating pork and its derivatives (Pork blocks spiritual opening)
2 – to drink alcohol,
3 – to eat anything containing pepper (Black pepper, red, white, cayenne, chili, peppers, etc.).


comprimes-passifloreThe herbal capsules are composed of sheets of plant of the passion (passion fruit / passion). Its action
may bring a healing. What you should know is that the entities put their energy in each capsules, they are
spiritually charge to purify, strengthen us and they act as a link between our body and
Beings of Light that continue they work on us, beyond our presence (in photo or physically)  to Brazil. This means that these Passiflora are for you or the person you indicated on the
photo and for no one else, the spiritual benefit will be lost by giving them to someone else.

They don’t interfere with any other medicine prescribed.

Important: Do not be disappointed not to receive indication of João in Entity. Your request has been received and will be subject to all the solicitude of Beings of Light.  Each time we take Passiflora capsules, we connect automatically with the energies of the Casa, with the Entities and with our inner guidance to receive their love, peace, trust in us and take responsibility for our healing. This plant,
energized by the Beings of Light, allows us this communion, and partnership with them. It is a
link between our desire to heal and the love of the Entities willing to put us on our way of
healing. Taking the Casa passiflora, is to fell the Beings of Light accompanied us trough our transformation to recovery.