John of God

“João de Deus or John of God”


Unconscious medium, João Teixeira de Faria (John of God or Joao de Deus) Abadiania, Brazil, incorporates over 30 Spirit doctors and healing Entities who work with people coming from all over the world suffering from cancers, AIDS, blindness, asthma, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, tumors, physical problems of any kind, debilitating psychological problems and/or in spiritual desperation. Before coming to John of God, most people have tried everything else without satisfactory results. The Entities work through John of God’s body (instrument, aparatus) and have literally changed the outcome of many thousands of hopeless cases. Thousands of people make this spiritual retreat to Abadiania, Brazil, every month and surrender to the Spiritual energies so powerfully present at the Casa de Dom Inácio (the medium, John of God’s spiritual center).
jean-de-dieu-john-of-godJohn of God (João de Deus) is one of the world’s most famous healers today and cares for hundreds and sometimes over one thousand people a day, in Abadiânia, Goáis, Brazil. Every year, he makes occasional journeys to other parts of Brazil, the USA, New Zealand, Australia and Europe. The medium, John of God has dedicated his life to healing the sick and incurable regardless of race, religion or social status. The Entities (through the medium, John of God) see, examine and offer aid to everyone who lines-up every day. No one is ever turned away.

John of God is a uniquely powerful medium, not a Spiritist himself, who works within a Kardec Spiritism framework incorporating several Entities (healers) who are disincarnate but who remain on the Earthly plane and dedicate their out-of-body existence to healing. The medium, John of God’s miraculous dedication to the Casa de Dom Inácio provides an invaluable resource for those on the planet today seeking healing of body, mind, spirit and personal growth, as well as, spiritual guidance. Over the past four decades the Entities who use the medium, John of God’s body (instrument) have treated millions of people!

The medium, John of God never takes credit for miracles and emphasizes that it is God who heals. The breathtaking miracle-like healings at John of God’s weekly healing services (three times a week) has forced so many to stretch their beliefs systems and caused so many others to affirm and deepen their faith.

Those who journey to John of God’s Casa de Dom Inácio in Abadiania, Brazil, all receive empowering information about their own personal healing. A healing retreat to Abadiânia provides an in-depth look into a world that most of us never even dreamed about. In this Brazilian roadside community miracles of physical, mental and soul healing occur daily and the power of love is so obviously the ever-present guiding force.
Any spiritual retreat to the healing energy sessions of the medium, John of God is filled with inspiration, hope and the lessons of surrender. A visit to the Casa de Dom Inácio offers a first-hand look into the mysteries and power of love. What was only a John Lennon lyric becomes a burning new reality. “All you really need is love”. When you leave to go back to where you came from, you feel you’ve just left home (the real translation of “Casa”).

The story about John of God

portrait-jean-de-dieu-john-of-godJoão was born in Cachoeira da Fuaca, Goáis, on June 24, 1942. His father was a tailor and João followed him in his footsteps. At sixteen, while in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso, looking for work, Saint Rita of Cassia appeared to João and told him to go to the Redeemer Spiritual Center where they were waiting for him. He only remembers walking inside the center and then awaking hours later. When he awoke, the center’s members told him that he had been incorporated and had healed several people. He remembered nothing. But, from that day on, the process of João’s surrender to the will of Spirit began. Since then, there have been crowds of people waiting for the Entities (who work through John of God) to heal them every day.

At first, it was very confusing for him. The whole situation frightened him. He prayed that he would be freed from this frightening responsibility. But, instead he was opened even further and today easily incorporates over thirty Spirit Healers (Entities) in order to heal others. His destiny changed in an instant and, over the years, (despite the obvious fear that still covers his face every time he incorporates) the medium, John of God has learned the importance of his participation as a healing vehicle and has dedicated his life and his “apparatus” to this work.
Brazilians have been going to see the medium, John of God (wherever he was living) from all over the country for forty years in hope of finding the energy connection they require for a reversal of all levels of physical, psychological and spiritual maladies. People come from all around the world to witness, participate and help in seemingly miraculous healings of an endless variety of conditions.

John of God does not heal. He explicitly reminds those who come to him that he is only an instrument through which healing energy is channeled. He never remembers what happens during or after incorporation.
Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from just after 8 o’clock in the morning, the medium, John of God allows his instrument to be taken over by powerful communicative healing entities. Each Entity, which incorporates the medium’s body, manifests changes in the medium’s demeanor and personality. His eyes, voice, manner of speaking and capacity to speak other languages change depending on the Entity incorporating at any one time.

Each spiritual presence working through the medium, John of God is a famous doctor or healer from the past and is easily recognized by attitude and manner of vocal expression by those who work in the Casa every day. When asked, most Entities readily identify themselves to the curious.
The incorporating Entity works with a whole team of other disincarnate Entities. Together, they always attend to the needs of every single person who appears before them every day. Only after everyone is attended to does the incorporating Entity release John of God’s body back to the medium.
The Entity who incorporates in the morning is usually (but not always) replaced by another in the afternoon. Sometimes people who come in the morning are asked to come back at a later time when another Entity will be there with more expertise in the area required. Often several Entities come through and work during any one session.

John of God Incorporates Spirit Healers
There are several famous personalities from the past who work still here on Earth through the medium, John of God’s body (instrument). Those who utilize the medium, John of God’s body most frequently are: Francisco Xavier, Doctor Oswaldo Cruz (a Brazilian doctor who worked in public health at the turn of the twentieth century and virtually eradicated yellow fever), King Solomon, Dom Inácio de Loyola (St. Ignatius), Dom Ingrid, Dr. Jose Valdevino, Bezerra de Menezes, André Luiz and Dr. Augusto de Almeida and Dr. Adolf Fritz.